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Sales Hotline 01732 243444

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£3.95 Delivery

Delivery of your Nitrico Order

Whilst the Royal Mail service is below expectations and the strikes are still taking place, we have taken the decision to send all Nitrico orders out by Courier. This is slightly more expensive but the service is at a level that is far superior to Royal Mail at the moment. At checkout, we will ask your preferred delivery day and will send your order out to arrive on the day requested. Delivery is charged at £5.95 for no matter the size of the order.

All Nitrico products contain trillions of living Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria. They are alive and will have limited shelf life if kept in the packaging. We would always advise that any Nitrico product is used within 48 hours of receiving it to help guarantee the number of live bacteria present. The more Nitrifying bacteria that are alive when the filter is added to your tank, the better the initial performance of your product will be. If for any reason, you have to delay the introduction of your Nitrico bacteria into your tank or pond, we recommend that you refrigerate your order to help maintain freshness a little longer.

All Nitrico products will be sent with clear intructions on how to introduce them  to you tank or pond effectively in order to get the best out of the bacteria present.

What to do if you cannot use your product when planned?

We understand that, sometimes, the set up of an aquarium or pond does not quite go to plan and there may be times that you are not able to use your product in a timely manner after it arrives. At Nitrico, if you receive your order and cannot use it in time, you can return it in its original unopened package and we will replace it FOC for you. Unfortunately, if the bacteria product has been opened, we are unable to replace it. This is due to the bio-security measures that we have in place to preserve our bacterial digester from foreign bacteria and other unsavory pathogens. If a bacterial sponge has been opened, we cannot reuse it in the digester.

What to do if you delivery is delayed?

We will always try to deliver your order on the day that is requested. However, as we have to rely on Royal Mail or a courier, there will be rare times when your order is delayed by a day. Do not worry as this delay will not adversely effect that bacteria, Providing the product is used within 96 hours of being packed, over 95% of the bacteria present when first packed will still be fit and ready to go when introduced into your system. If you order is delayed more than a day, please get in touch with us and we will rectify this for you.