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Sales Hotline 01732 243444

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The Nitrifying Bacterial Goop Company
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The Team

The Crew

Jack Nicklin

Jack is the true brains behind Nitrico. His research and development over the last 4 years has allowed us to, not only, operate one of the largest aquarium facilities in Europe in the form of The Tropco, but to now be able to offer our bacterial products direct to our customers. 

Sean Miller

Sean is actually the manager of the Tropco so is already a busy man, but his passion for fish and interest in water quality and filtration has led him to be an integral part of the development of Nitrico. Developing a product that is not only suitable for us but can also be sent around the country to our customers, can only be completed with a huge amount of testing. Sean has been a major player in ensuring that every one of our products will work as described.


The crew

Natalie King

Natalie left for a while to have a Son and we were worried that she would not return. Well, she has and immediately continued where she left off. She is an expert multi-tasker and is never too busy to help anyone. She is a fundamental part of the operations of a busy internet business, The Carp Co., The Trop co and now Nitrico. How she still manages to find the energy to look after her horse is a mystery to us all! I suspect that dealing with horses for many years is how she is so equipped at controlling the fish boys though!




Beth Simmonds

If you call our office or drop us an email, then it is likely that Beth will do here best to help She has learnt a huge amount about fish in a very short space of time and will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. She deals with the demands of a busy office and boisterous work mates without missing a beat! Please don’t be offended, Beth, when I call you part of the furniture here!

Andrew Lintott

Andy is Managing Director and founder of the company. Having a degree in aquaculture and conducted his dissertation on 'biological filtration start up' over 30 years ago is a great foundation for all of the Andrew Lintott & Associates Ltd. group of companies. Since 1995, he has gone from 7 day a week fish farmer to an office boy. He now seems to spend 12 hours a day in front of a computer or on the phone. His love of fish is still there but now he finds the whole job a bit wet and cold! Andy is an ideas man and loves nothing more than developing a great idea into a fully fledged company. With The Carpco, The Tropco, Select Stock, Bedecked Wedding and event hire, and now Nitrico, he seems to be getting further away from spending more time fishing, but that seems to be the way that he likes it!