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Sales Hotline 01732 243444

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The Nitrifying Bacterial Goop Company
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What do Nitrico do?
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Ntrico – The true Nitrifying bacteria company.

What do we do?

In short, we provide bacteria and mature filters that you can add to your aquarium to rapidly provide an environment that is safe for your fish to live in.

The Tropco, one of our sister companies, contains over 1100 independent tanks and is like no other tropical fish house in the country. What makes our fish house unique is that every tank is independent with no centralised filtration at all. This allows the complete isolation of stocks from around the world and minimises cross contamination which is the made drawback of ‘system built’ fish houses.

Why are we talking about Tropco?

The secret behind ‘Nitrico’ is the only reason that we are able to operate Tropco and over 1100 independent filtered tanks. We are able to sterilise all tanks between batches of fish. We have the ability to wash and sterilise filters and then re-mature them with bacteria within 24 hours, ready for the next batch of fish to arrive.

How can we do this?

We operate a bacterial digester that rapidly produces Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria. The digester cleverly circulates these bacteria through sterile sponges, very rapidly maturing then with the exact bacteria strains required to maintain excellent water quality in each tank immediately that the new fish are introduced.

What is Nitrico?

Following years of developing our Tropco digester to efficiently mature filters at a speed that works in a busy tropical fish house, it became evident that we really had developed a ground breaking and innovative product that would be capable of eliminating the need to cycle new tanks and would also be capable of saving the lives of millions of fish around the country that die due to poor water quality in their tanks and ponds.

We have built a new, industrial scale digester that is capable of producing huge quantities of bacteria for commercial sale. We have spent a year testing our product to ensure that we can pack it, post it and introduce it to different temperatures and water chemistries in customers homes around the country. Our results are now almost unbelievable with tanks being instantly ready for fish.