100 litre Aquarium Cylinder Sponge Filter


The 100 litre Cylinder Sponge filter is a great filter for many home aquariums and is actually the exact filters that we use in our 1100 aquarium fish house. 

It operates on air so an air supply from a suitable aerator is required in your tank for this filter to operate.

We rate this filter to efficiently break the waste down in a tank up to 100 litre volume that is sensibly stocked when it is fully mature and cycled.

This is a brand new, not pre-matured, filter. It will need maturing before it will effectively break down any toxic fish waste. We also sell this filter in pre-matured form that is ready to break fish waste down as soon as it is installed in the aquarium. Please look at the mature filter section.

Our pre-matured filters are matured in our bacterial digester. They have not seen fish and there is absolutely no chance of any disease cross contamination as there would be if you moved media from one fish filter to another. They are well worth considering if you are looking to set up a new aquarium in a hurry.

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